Monday, 18 February 2013

Stuff You Miss

Popped up 20 Trees above Hayfield today, primarily to take a picture of this and other stuff for work - glamorous eh...

Not complaining. There are worse places to be and the truth is that I sauntered up a trail I normally ride in jeans and trainers, basking in ridiculous February sunshine and wearing a big, fat, soft grin because it was just great to be outdoors.

It looked like this..

Which was  nice. And after taking assorted photos of things, stuff, kit, wandered very sort of carefully and mindfully back down and saw a bench for the first time that I must have ridden past over a 100 times without ever seeing it. I means actually noticing it. Which seems ridiculous, not least because it's a startlingly handsome stone bench with a sort of neolithic vibe to it.

And there's a new gate too. With the old gate sat behind it waiting to go wherever it is that retired gates go to. The great moorland meadow in the sky maybe? Must have opened that gate a few times. In fact I reached the point where I'd actually climb over the stile instead. You can kind of see why, it's seen better days. Poor gate.

And then a bit further down where I'm normally concentrating hard on the line up or the line down, there are two more neolithicesque monuments in the shape of stone gateposts... Going nowhere now.

And look, every dog sign has its day and this one has definitely had its, erm, you know, day? I love that sign. Poor faded thing.

And last but not least. That bloody great metal sheet stuck out of the ground by the gate could really hurt someone... I'd never really stopped and thought that before. Just look at the thing.

Well, that was exciting eh...