Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dangerous Feet

These feet are only slightly dangerous, note the horizontal front points, slightly bendy winter walking boots and poxy, low-grade, granular snow sitting on the top of the left boot.

No, the really dangerous feet are in the attic, champing at the bit and wondering if a mooted trip to Rjukan make sense.

The really dangerous feet have vertically-orientated, razor-sharp monopoints. Secondary points like shark's teeth. And a ridiculous name, erm, Terminators.

The really dangerous feet only come out when the ice is deep frozen. And vertical.

Right now though, really dangerous feet, you need to talk to the ailing elbows. The ones that got trashed dragging a mountain bike across Toulouse and still hurt when trying to wield the really dangerous axes.

Because without the really dangerous axes, the really dangerous feet are about as much use as, well, a very useless thing.

Damn it elbows, I want to go ice climbing. Sort yerselves out please.

Tami Knight - Climbing Tales of Terror - genius.

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