Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Straight outta the door...

A quick and dirty post... yesterday's late afternoon ride turned into something slightly more ridiculous than intended. Took the Cross Rat, now with gears and bowled along the Old Woodhead Road - 'closed' by road works - into a ridiculous headwind, and then one thing led to another and suddenly I was riding up Home Moss - 'closed' by winter - and surrounded by gorgeous views of hunched, snowy hills. Over the icy top, hard look from the copper in the unmarked 4x4, and distant views down into Yarkshire.

At that point brain started whispering about a circuit over via Holmfirth, Strines and the Snake, but fortunately common sense won, so after a slug of Bowmore and some added facial protection, it was back down and homewards, except of course, well, yes, the Snake was 'closed' as well, so logically the sequel was a gentle roll to the top of that and back down again and home for toast and tea and venison bangers and mash.

Ace, kind of cold and bleak and windy and lonely but beautiful. And straight from the door. But really I should have done the Strines thing, maybe...

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