Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dog Tired.

Well, after riding through the snow and the ice, flogging ice tyres on the road, road tyres on the ice and pretty much anything anywhere else, the legs seem to have - temporarily at least - fallen off this particular donkey.

I think I left them somewhere up near the Trough of Bowland at the weekend. In the middle of glorious climbing moorland roads with the Three Peaks lined across the skyline with frosted, snowy icing. A really nice ride with friends. In glorious arctic sunshine.

And now my legs ache in a deep down achy sort of way. As they would I suppose. So we've paused, me and the legs, for a chat and a think about biking and everything.

Things to burn.


  1. Recovery weeks are good once in a while!

  2. Hate 'em. I end up climbing the walls and chewing the edge of the kitchen table... But you're right, I need a few easy days starting with not riding over to Irlam to pick up the GiT this afternoon.