Monday, 3 May 2010


In a pre-Spanish packing frenzy - bikes, bits, clothes, sticky tyres, pads. New seals and oils in the trashed Pushed Pikes so now they're trashed, plushed Pikes. RP23 or DT Swiss for Spain? CK BB snugged up, lubed up and happy again. New P20 on the table. List of things to do on the bench. Procrastination on the mind because I hate / love packing frenzies. Hence the lap-top on the lap.

And somewhere on the edge of awareness, a quiet, warm, smile drifting into the edge of the weather map,  because... well, because I'm off to where it's warm and dry and the trails are fast and dusty and rocky. And beer comes with free snacks. And I'm going to see friends who I haven't seen for far too long.

Full circle.

Last ride before heading out, as non-Spanish as possible, so Voodoo singlespeed on illicit Peak singletrack. Lovely. Right, better do some packing. Tomorrow I wake up in the sun.

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