Monday, 20 September 2010

Wetness returns...

Blimey, did I really say that I liked autumn? First proper wet ride of the season yesterday. It was supposed to be the Mary Townley Loop on cross bikes since some people are racing the Three Peaks next weekend, but given that it was tanking down with rain in a biblical stylee, a mass decision was made to head out to Marsden for tea and cake and back again. Good move as it turned out.

It were wet in a proper wet, northern, grey sort of comedy riding up streams kind of way. And then the streams sort of rode up us and well, the rest is wet history. Boots, gloves, base layers you name it. It always seems worse because you've half forgotten how to dress for chilled rain, waterproof gloves and boots are lurking forgotten in distant cupboards and so you're not really properly dressed at all.

But the cafe - Crumbles on the Corner - in Marsden, was amazing in that steamed-up, fogged-up, friendly and welcoming way with ace food and the best cakes ever. Apparently they're sourced from local women and clearly there's something in the local gene pool because they're all extraordinarily yummy. The Caramac and ginger one went down very nicely thanks.

Then it was back on the bikes for a cold, wet, shivery slog home to Rich and Shona's for assorted chilli, cake, ace home-made crumble and inane jabbering, mostly by yours truly in full-on, over-caffeinated mode. I shouldn't be allowed near coffee without the presence of a responsible adult.

A funny old business autumn. Time for recalibration. New Specialized Defrosters - thank you eBay - and looking around and forwards not back. And time for some Nepal dreaming.

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