Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Things You Find...

At the top of Chunal no less. I have no idea why anyone would decide that the junction of the Monks Road and Chunal would be an appropriate place to site an advert for a Barbie pink, Playboy Hummer, but there it was - with a rainbow behind it no less. So if you need transport to the works Christmas do, here's the answer...

Meanwhile, in a slightly different, parallel universe, had a spectacular perfect arctic day on Kinder with my mate Dave and Zak, the crazed springer spaniel. Just lovely, bring back the snow, please.


  1. Great pics of Kinder there mate.

  2. Cheers mate, it was a properly cracking day - there are a few more at http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/outdoor-features/kinder-scout-two-men-and-a-mad-springer/7659.html.

    Hopefully the snow'll be back tomorrow. I love winter, it's just epic :-)