Monday, 21 February 2011

Slush And Mud And Puddles And Random Tandems...

Pottered along on a STW Peaks forum ride on Saturday. A few old friends, a few new ones, a few people who I've possibly met before and a few I'd not.

Anyway, a special day of wet snow and a old mate of a route - along from Whaley, up the Goyt Valley to Derbyshire Bridge, over the Old Road to Buxton then threading back along a mix of tracks and back lanes.

It's just a really nice, scenic, sociable, rolling-along sort of route. When it's not under a few inches of fresh, wet snow that is. And it was. Which made it entertainingly slithery. And pleasantly dawdly. And scenic too in a gorillas in the snowy mist sort of way.

And it had a special sting in the tail in the shape of an especially deep perma-puddle full of icy water. An ideal place to lurk with a waterproof camera and an encouraging grin... Treading water.

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