Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ace Proper Big Life Adventures...

Short but ace. Popped into Manchester yesterday to visit my mates Rich and Shona at their new bike shop in the Northern Quarter and it's just lovely. Not just a cracking shop, though it is, and not just full of rather nice bikes, which is it, but properly life affirming to see your mates embarked on a real, proper, big life adventure.

I've known Rich for what feels like ages now, but is probably something around ten years. Back then he ran a car wash, which seems unlikely now, and had only just a started riding mountain bikes. Fast forward a bit and he was riding bikes a lot.

Rich, Shona and added celebratory bubbly, Keep Pedalling now up and, erm, pedalling...
And not only riding them, he'd also managed to sneak his way into a job as one of the partners at the Bicycle Doctor co-operative in Manchester. And somehow he re-found Shona, a small bundle of feisty fell-running dreadlocks soaked in years of epic travelling and retail experience along the way.

Fast forward a bit more and they're running their own, brand spanking new shiny bike shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. And yes, this is a party political broadcast on behalf of Keep Pedalling and I'm completely and utterly biased cos they're my mates, but honestly, if I was looking for a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable bike shop in central Manchester run by people who give a f***, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather go.

And with that, I'm going to drink more coffee. Write a quick Royal Weddding Stoopid Loop Street Party invitational e-mail and high tail it outta here on Captain Mechanical, the special guest cross bike with added puncture content. Pedal :-)

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