Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank holidaying.

Hollins Cross, half way or so?
A really mellow long Blank Holiday weekend starting with a Royal Wedding special circuit of Stoopid Loop with added Whinstone Lee Tor excursion - over Middle Moor and the Roych, along Rushup, Hollin Cross and its cousin, Hope. Ladybower via the deconstructed roller coaster, WLT then Cut Gate and a mellow roll back home.

Blurry hot at the top of WLT.
 Third time on Cut Gate in seven days, which is probably excessive, but it was in prime nick bar the head wind all the way across to Langsett. Pay back was a hurricane-force tailwind all the way back home for big ring smiles.

Cut Gate - the second crossing, out and back from the front door on Wednesday night.
And then things went secret singletrack, Cracken Edge twice, once alone, once with mates. Proper bonkers fun on shoulder-hugging singletrack with the odd steep drop to the left and a cracking, brain-out final flourish over series of, well, humps. A sort of dromedary, camel's back thing. Sigh.

Cracken Edge, secret squirrel singletrack with ace views and the odd drop and a camel-back finish.
 And with the cross ride thrown in the middle - BM's test Cotic >X< no less - I make that around 120 off-road miles in a mix of sun and wind and mellow. The reward? Fish finger sarnies in the making and a date with UK12 or whatever it's called, on Rags and with added picnic content, because I'm not fit or fast enough to race.

Hmmm... pause for thought.
And some bonus lambs...

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