Monday, 7 January 2013

Something Like Spring...

Apparently the local sheep are confused. They think it's spring. And when sheep, arguably the most confused animals in the universe, are even more confused, you know stuff is odd and things are not entirely right with the world.

It wouldn't really make much odds, but it's January and things are meant to be deep and crisp and even, which would also have the added bonus of freezing the remorseless sludgy remnants of months of rain into Velcro-grippy, frozen, hardpack tundra. Which would be nice.

Maybe next week eh... In the mean time, it looked nice and rode okay in parts and the cloud rolling in over Cracken Edge was kind of picturesque. A good day to bimble around local trails on tired legs, chat to random friends met by chance and chase cake. Cake doesn't move fast...

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