Tuesday, 17 May 2016

It's been a while...

Long enough to be living in a slightly different town with pubs and restaurants that aren't as good as up and coming - yes really - Glossop, but with trails that mostly are because they're pretty much the same trails.

And to be living in a different house, obviously. And even to have a bike, just one, with different size wheels - 650b+ to be precise, a nice mix of roll and float.

This month's entertainment is sponsored by the Strava Giro climbing challenge. So far... 14,996m climbed out of the 21,000m total with 12 days to go, which right now makes me 374th overall, though yesterday I was 252 or something.

It's amusingly pointless. But hey, if you work from home, live in the Peak and point your bike repeatedly up the steep and pointy bits, it's all very doable.

Today however is a rest day, all that climbing has made my legs a little tired. I really must get out more.

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